EX800-T Tall Reverse Osmosis System

EX800-T Tall Reverse Osmosis System
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The new EX-800 Tall Reverse Osmosis System.

Designed to flow up to 33 GPH (Gallons Per Hour) of almost 0 ppm purified water—that’s 800 GPD. Shipped with a 2:1 system ratio (for feed water over 300ppm), along with an additional flow restrictor for a 1:1 system ratio (with feed water under 300ppm). The magic behind the EX800-Tall is our new 3” high flow membrane with 96% rejection. We put the same R&D that delivered our unmatchable GXM-200-HF and GXM-1000-HF membranes into a smaller, fatter, more fun package—and walla!

Tall means more carbon and sediment filtration—17,000 total gallons worth of carbon filtration! That’s 5,700 gallons of pure RO at a 2:1 ratio, and 8,500 gallons of pure RO water at a 1:1 ratio. Dual stainless-steel liquid-filled pressure gauges to allow monitoring of the incoming water pressure, as well as any pressure drop between the pre-filters. The entire system is wrapped in a freshly designed electro galvanized powder-coated steel chassis with a removable front face (for easy servicing). Backside panel has standard holes for wall mounting, and of course, all attaching bolts are stainless-steel, for corrosion resistance. Two black oxide stainless bolts on the top panel allow for simple mounting of a UV-1530 or UV-6010 Ultraviolet filter. The top panel also includes a relief for easy carrying.

The EX800-Tall comes standard with a membrane flush valve, to purge out pollutants that can cause clogging and pre-mature fouling. The high flow fast-action auto shut-off valve allows for system shutdown when paired with an optional float valve. All fittings are quick-connect, dual o-ring American made, as well as John Guest. The quick-change membrane housing allows for membrane replacements without disconnecting any hoses or tubing—just spin it off and pop a new one in! It’s affordable, durable, and packed with features you would expect on light commercial systems. Out-flowing all other RO’s in the same class, with the same quality you would expect from a GrowoniX product. No little RO on the planet can match the EX800-Tall.

******No need for additional pre-filters—sediment and carbon filters are both included******

******Removes 96% of all ppm from tap water******

******Includes membrane flush valve******

The EX-800 sports: —High Flow Cold Water Membrane —Eco Coconut Carbon Filter or Optional KDF85 Catalytic Activated Carbon Filter —Spun Poly Sediment Filter —Dual Stainless Steel Liquid-Filled Pressure Gauges. —Membrane Flush Valve —High Flow Fast-Action Auto Shut-off Valve —EZ Connection Kit

More Information
Product Name EX800-T Tall Reverse Osmosis System
Filter Size Tall
System Ratio 1:1 & 2:1
Nominal Salt Rejection % 96
Permeate Flow GPD 800
Permeate Flow GPH 33
Min Feed Flow GPM .56
Max Feed Water TDS 2000
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