Filter Replacement Guide

Carbon Filters:

KDF= KDF85/Catalytic Carbon Filter.  KDF85 Bacteriostatic media controls growth of microorganisms. Good for water-soluble metals removal, chlorine, chloramine, and scale. Highly reactive catalytic carbon, extremely porous and long lasting. Absolutely the best carbon filter available, a must for well water treatment, and the best option for removal of CHLORAMINE! Needs flushing upon initial startup and after filter changes to remove carbon fines and dust. 

CC= White Coconut Carbon Block.   Ultra high purity coconut shell activated carbon filter.  Superior chemical absorption and turbidity reduction.  Unbeatable cost to performance value.

GB = Green Coconut Carbon Block.  NFS61 listed carbon filter manufactured with a patented process that greatly reduces greenhouse emissions—High flow with a low carbon footprint and superior chlorine removal.

Sediment Filters:

SP = Spun polypropylene—A true multi-staged depth filter utilizing separate layers of micron filtration. Constructed spun polypropylene, these filters offer superior dirt holding capacity at an extremely economic price.  They have more pressure drop than pleated filters. Great filter for changing frequently, especially in well water applications, or any situation where feed water is loaded with sediment.

PL = High flow pleated sediment filter: This is a washable, reusable, and durable sediment filter with very low pressure drop. Bacteria and chemical resistant. Great for high flow applications and extended time between filter changes. 

Membrane Elements:

HF = High Flow Cold Water Membrane element.  Less rejection than high rejection membranes, but with a much higher flow rate.  Superior flow in cold water conditions as well.  Our most popular membrane element.

HR = High Rejection Membrane element. More rejection than high flow membranes, but with less flow rate.  Great for ultra pure drinking water.

Filter Replacement Chart

Blue field Indicates default filter shipped with product. All other filters in the same column will fit, and are available as substitutions or upgrades

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