Need a lot of water fast?  Just want to get out the sediment, chlorine, or chloramines out on the quick?  How about filtered water delivered at 3 GPM with no waste.  Different than a reverse osmosis system, this easy-to-use, fully assembled water filter hooks right to your garden hose and scrubs out the dirt and disinfectants.

Great for soil based gardens, protecting beneficiaries and micro-organisms from the harmful effects of chlorine and chloramine.

Why Use a Scrubber?

Chlorine, Chloramine, and Chloride are but a few of the chemicals added to municipal water sources to kill harmful bacteria in our drinking water. This chlorine in low doses may not harm humans but will kill beneficial bacteria and microorganisms essential for healthy plant growth. The GrowoniX line of scrubbers will eliminate 95% of the chlorine in the water and 90% of the sediment.

Chloramine, a mix of chlorine and ammonia, used as a disinfectant, is being applied more and more to local water supplies because of its inability to evaporate when left exposed to the air. Chloramine will not evaporate. To eliminate chloramine, a special KDF85 filter is required for the GrowoniX line of scrubbers which we or your local dealer can supply. Ask for the GrowoniX KDF85 filter.

The GrowoniX line of scrubbers will not lower your parts per million or “ppm”. Only a Reverse Osmosis membrane can eliminate those particles. Please visit the RO Systems page for units ranging from 100 gallons per day all the way up to 2000 gallons per day.

Need a Lot of Water Fast? Use a GrowoniX Scrubber!

XL Scrubber

Our biggest scrubber with a flow rate of 7 GPM/420 GPH! The XL Scrubber has proved to be the perfect solution in a multitude of conditions. Great for whole house filtration, farms, restaurants, industrial, etc.

The XL-SCRUB with it’s its ultra-low pressure drop and 30,000-gallon capacity is great for filtering wells. A pair of stainless steel liquid filled pressure gauges informs when it’s time to change filters. The XL Scrubber can be upgraded with a UV filter to remove 99.9% of micro-organisms. This is especially important for well-water use, as wells often are suffused with bacteria and other harmful microbes.

XL Scrubber

Sedi Scrub

Simple high-flow sediment removal with a pressure gauge and mounting bracket.  Great add-on to existing systems that need more sediment removal.  Try it with a 1 micron spun sediment filter —watch it capture all the big stuff!  Shown with quick-connect PEX fittings, as it ships with our EX4000-HFT.  Also available with numerous other pre/post fittings—just ask!


Lil' Boss

At 3 GPM, The lil’BOSS can handle just about any size garden. It’s Eco Green carbon filters can handle up to 16,000 gallons of treatment before it’s time for a filter change. Flowing 180 GPH, the lil’BOSS’ high flow filters offer almost zero pressure drop. Equipped with dual stainless steel liquid filled pressure gauges and brass hose fittings, the lil’BOSS is the benchmark for de-chlorinated water.

Lil' Boss Deluxe 

All the features of the Lil’BOSS wrapped and protected in our patented Roller Chassis™. The Lil’BOSS Deluxe goes everywhere you go. The Roller Chassis™ makes reaching the far ends of the garden simple. The chassis is weather resistant, durable, and will be around for years to come. Lockable casters allow the filter to be solidly parked if needed. With a flow rate of 180 GPH, the lil’BOSS Deluxe can absolutely handle any size garden.

Slim Scrub

A step up from the mini-SCRUB. The Slim-SCRUB with it’s higher capacity filters, removes 99% of chlorine and 90% of sediment from the feed water. The Slim-SCRUB is ideal for a wide range of uses and boasts a remarkable flow rate of 2 GPM—that’s 120 gallons per hour! The Slim-SCRUB flows fast enough to operate a garden hose sprayer,making it perfect for water outdoor gardens. The Slim-SCRUB is ideal for those who add expensive beneficial biological organisms to their grow media. The Slim-SCRUB insures that the complex microbiology flourishing in the grow media will not be destroyed by harmful chlorine. For those with tap water that contains chloramines, the Slim-SCRUB can be upgraded with a KDF/CAT carbon filter.

Mini Scrub

Our simplest filter. The mini-SCRUB with it’s NSF61 listed Greencarbon™ removes 99% of chlorine and 90% of sediment from the feed water. The mini-SCRUB is ideal for a wide range of uses and boasts a remarkable flow rate of 1 GPM—that’s 60 gallons per hour! No more waiting for de-chlorinated water. The mini-SCRUB is perfect for those who add expensive beneficial biological organisms to their grow media. The mini-SCRUB insures that the complex microbiology flourishing in the grow media will not be destroyed by harmful chlorine. For those with tap water that contains chloramines, the mini-SCRUB can be upgraded with a KDF/CAT carbon filter.

One of the largest factors of filtering water is the amount of waste that is produced in the process. Because Growonix uses the highest-quality components and filters, its units can deliver 2:1 or 1:1 water to filter water ratios. That means less wasted water and lower water bills. The flow rate is another important factor when selecting a unit and Growonix offers many unique models which provide a wide range of flow rates for any size of the garden. Additional booster pumps can be added on some units to increase the flow rate even further if needed.

Incredibly Low Waste Water Ratio
Growonix was the first to introduce 2:1 and 1:1 System ratio and provides optimum performance across its entire line of filters.

Wide Range of Flow Rate Options
Find the perfect unit for your needs or add a booster pump for even more performance!

GrowoniX RO Systems Offer These Benefits:

Near-Zero PPM

Most nutrient lines assume you are starting with 0 PPM water which Growonix RO Filters can provide.

Multi_Stage Filtration

Growonix units use and advanced multi-stage process allowing you to control filter level and easily replace individual as needed.

Easy To Read Gauges

The Flow Box by Growonix gives you peace of mind knowing you will see exactly when to change out filters.

Many filter Options

Growonix offers various filters for each stage of filtration giving you the ability to configure the perfect combination for your unique needs.

Tune Your System
With These Awesome
Performance Accessories

Ultraviolet Filters

Stainless steel ultraviolet filtration designed to
remove 99.9% of micro-organisms in your water supply.
A must for well water treatment, whole house filter systems, or anytime water will be stored.

Sediment Filters

Pleated sediments are for high flow.
They have a low-pressure drop but let more dirt through.

Spun sediment are for high dirt blocking. They have more pressure drop than pleated, are less expensive, and catch dirt better than any other sediment filter.

Sediment Pleated:
High flow pleated Sediment filter: This is a washable, reusable, and durable sediment filter with a very low-pressure drop.  Bacteria and chemical resistant.  Great for high flow applications and extended time between filter changes.  Standard in most GrowoniX water filters.

Sediment Spun:
Spun polypropylene: A true multi-staged depth filter utilizing separate layers of micron filtration.  Constructed spun polypropylene, these filters offer superior dirt holding capacity at an extremely economical price.  Great filter for changing frequently, especially in well water applications, or with use in GrowoniX scrubbers.

Carbon Filters

GreenBlock and Coconut Carbon are virtually the same things.
GreenBlock is made with a process that’s more ecologically sensible.
Filtering power between the two is equal.

KDF85 Catalytic Carbon is the best.
The best water carbon on the planet with a bed of pure KDF85.
(Needs flushing upon initial startup and after filter changes to remove carbon dust)

Green Coco:
NFS61 Listed Greencarbon.  High flow with a low carbon footprint. Superior chlorine removal.

White Block
Economy:  High purity coconut shell activated carbon filter.  Excellent cost to performance value.

KDF85 Catalytic 
Bacteriostatic media controls the growth of microorganisms. Good for water-soluble metals removal, chlorine, chloramine, and scale. Highly reactive catalytic carbon, extremely porous and long-lasting.

RO Systems

Utilizing the finest components in the water treatment industry. GrowoniX Reverse Osmosis systems is a breakthrough in water treatment gear with its componential design, utility, and unmatchable efficiency.

GrowoniX RO systems are available in three different series—CX, GX, and EX.
All packages are built equally with the highest quality components and perform exactly the same.

RO Filters Clean Fresh Water