Commercial Services Brochure

We love plants, but we also understand that two of the most important aspects of any agricultural business are efficiency and profitability.  That’s why those who are serious about the business of growing request our services, and is the reason we developed the GrowoniX Growing Method™— already proven over eight years of superior EPS for our customers.

After years of intensive research and development, we have finally mastered the art of automated nutrient delivery and monitoring.  Brought to you in a package never before seen, and guaranteed to exceed all your expectations as well as provide superior ROI (break even in the first bloom cycle)!

Our Nutrient Delivery Systems offer recycling as well as drain-to-waste configurations.  And, our highly-tuned growing method and nutrient schedule provides Master growers with control over every gallon of nutrient delivered, in addition to precise runoff monitoring leading to an uncompromising understanding of plant development in Real Time!

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