Water Analysis

Notes on Water Analysis:

Why guess what’s in your water?  Let’s get empirical.  

Below is a list of our standard water tests that are most popular.  

Additional test for problems ions can be added as needed.

Complete Reverse Osmosis Test

A comprehensive well or city water test to determine the proper reverse osmosis system specification.

The Complete Reverse Osmosis Test was developed to be the most complete analysis available for reverse osmosis design. The Complete RO Screen offers a comprehensive, in-depth analysis of 22 metals, 9 inorganics and 14 other parameters necessary to determine the proper reverse osmosis system specification. Continuous process improvement has helped us reduce our packaging design thus reducing return shipping costs.

Well Water Test

Tests for bacteria, heavy metals & minerals, inorganics, physical factors & volatile organics. 

A comprehensive well water analysis.

The Well Water Test analyzes 87 items including Bacteria (presence/absence for Total Coliform and E.Coli), 22 heavy metals and minerals (including lead, arsenic, uranium, and mercury), 7 other inorganic chemicals (including nitrates and fluoride), 5 physical factors (including pH, Total Dissolved Solids and Hardness), 4 trihalomethanes (disinfection by-products) & 47 volatile organic chemicals (including MTBE, PCE and TCE). 

This is an excellent package for anyone who has never tested their well water or who has not tested in several years. This is a very comprehensive water test and is useful in determining if a treatment system is needed. Results emailed within 7-10 business days from receipt of the sample at the lab. 

City Water Test

Tests city water for heavy metals & minerals, inorganics, physical factors, disinfection & disinfection by-products and volatile organics.

The City Water Test testing package allows homeowners to get a more comprehensive analysis on their municipal water supply. The break-down is as follows: 20 metals/minerals, 7 inorganic compounds, 4 physical characteristics, 16 disinfectants and disinfection by-products and 47 volatile organic compounds.