Every hydroponic grower knows that good plant nutrition starts with clean water.
Growonix's advanced units provide many options to suit your needs.
Read below to find the right filter for you!

Why Filter with Reverse Osmosis?

Reverse Osmosis Membranes, or "RO Filters," are the optimal way to remove contaminants and minerals from your water to ensure the water you start with is clean and pure. Often city water sources or wells can contatincontaminants, pathogens, and chemicals that can hinder plan growth and adversely affect the performance of added nutrients. Growonix RO filters deliver near-zero PPM  water through a sediment filter, next chemical contaminants are removed with a carbon filter. The RO membrane then removes the smallest remaining contaminants while the final UV sterilization filter removes any pathogens. The result is pure clean water that is perfect for all gardens and growers.

The Most Efficient Water Filtration & Plant Feeding Systems

CX Series

Commercial Reverse Osmosis at its finest!
The CX Series is the newest and most efficient offering from GrowoniX.  Built like a tank it’s the German automobile of reverse osmosis.  Designed for GPD flow rates from 3,000 to 20,000 gallons per day.  A sleek and slender design with plenty of features and upgrades.  Ships as an all-in-one water treatment plant to fulfill just about any demand.  With our new programmable digital controller, the CX Series boasts an optional permeate flush circuit, which cleans out the entire system with permeate water after every run cycle—first ever offered in the industry.

3,000-20,000 Gallons Per Day
• Programmable Digital RO controller with dual TDS and Temp probes.
• 1:4 System Ratios (1 gal drain to 4 gals Product Water)
• Recycle circuit—recycles drain water back through the system for a second pass.
• Quick Change carbon filters (CX3000 & CX6000 only)
• Carbon flush valve (CX3000 & CX6000 with Quick Change Carbon Filters only)
• Tank Float Switch

• Auto High-Pressure Flush
• Permeate Flush (flushes entire system with RO permeate water on shutdown for
supreme membrane longevity.)
• Backwashing Catalytic Carbon Media Tanks with programmable head and RO lockout.
• Antiscalant Injection
• 1Ph and 3Ph motor option.


GX  Series

The GX series is the top of the line Reverse Osmosis filter offered by Growonix. Offered in various sizes and flow rates, these units include the highest quality components available and provide the lowest waste water ratio available.

The strategy behind the GX Series is simple:
Build the highest quality, most efficient water filter, tuned specifically to meet the rigors of the industry. Each filter system is designed, hand built, and tested right here in the United States, using American made, top-of-the-line fittings and tubing.

All components are housed in steel powder-coated brackets fabricated in sunny Los Angeles, California.

The crown jewel of the GX Line is the GrowoniX High Flow Cold Water Membrane element, delivering a consistent rejection of 98.5% at a 1:1 ratio. No matter how big or small your water production needs are, the GX Line has a solution for you.

• High Flow Cold Water membrane elements.
• 1:1 or 2:1 system ratios­­­­­
• The most efficient in the industry.
• Electrogalvanized steel brackets.
• Membrane flush kit.
• 2.5” stainless steel liquid filled gauges. Eco Green Coconut Carbon filter rated
• High Flow pleated sediment filter, (completely washable and reusable)
• Auto Shut-off Valve.

EX Series

The EX series by Growonix offers a more affordable alternative while maintaining the high-quality standards Growonix is known for. Both series provide extreme pure water and are durable and dependable in any level of garden. The "Deluxe" models in each series offer all of the available options for the particular size filter.

• 1:1 System Ratio:­­­­
• The most efficient in the industry.
• High Flow Cold Water membrane elements.
• Electrogalvanized steel brackets.
• Stainless Steel Liquid-Filled Pressure Gauges
• Membrane Flush Valve
• Tall Pre-filters for Double The Carbon Capacity

One of the largest factors of filtering water is the amount of waste that is produced in the process. Because Growonix uses the highest-quality components and filters, its units can deliver 2:1 or 1:1 water to filter water ratios. That means less wasted water and lower water bills. The flow rate is another important factor when selecting a unit and Growonix offers many unique models which provide a wide range of flow rates for any size of the garden. Additional booster pumps can be added on some units to increase the flow rate even further if needed.

Incredibly Low Waste Water Ratio
Growonix was the first to introduce 2:1 and 1:1 System ratio and provides optimum performance across its entire line of filters.

Wide Range of Flow Rate Options
Find the perfect unit for your needs or add a booster pump for even more performance!

GrowoniX RO Systems Offer These Benefits:

Near-Zero PPM
Most nutrient lines assume you are starting with 0 PPM water which Growonix RO Filters can provide.

Multi_Stage Filtration
Growonix units use and advanced multi-stage process allowing you to control filter level and easily replace individual as needed.

Easy To Read Gauges
The Flow Box by Growonix gives you peace of mind knowing you will see exactly when to change out filters.

Many Filter Options
Growonix offers various filters for each stage of filtration giving you the ability to configure the perfect combination for your unique needs.

Tune Your System
With These Awesome
Performance Accessories

The Growonix Flow Box

Offered separately or included on the "Deluxe" models, makes monitoring filter status extremely easily through two liquid-filled gauges. When a 30% difference in pressure is seen between input and output, it is time to clean and change your filters!

Booster Pumps

Low water pressure and cold water are just a few of the factors that can adversely affect your water production and gardening efficiency.  At GrowoniX, water delivery and pressure boosting are two of our favorite topics.

We carry a complete line of custom built pumps to meet every water demand.  Low water pressure is no longer an issue. Our commercial/industrial grade pumps are ready for continuous duty and years of trouble-free of duty. With a GrowoniX pump, your water demand is guaranteed to be met.


Antiscalant Injection

Chemical Injection Pump-  injects antiscalants into the membrane element(s) and allows system ratios as low as 1/4:1. Enables membrane elements to last for years before changing. Also used to inject various solutions into the feed water to help with boron, iron, bacteria, and other common feed water issues.

Easy to Change Filters

Growonix units are designed to be easy and maintain. Each unit comes with pre-installed filters which are easily removed and replaced when needed. Filter upgrades are also available for various source water contaminant levels. For instance, well water users can benefit from higher sediment filtration provided by pleated sediment filters, whereas city-water users might want the higher flow rate offered by spun sediment filters.


Carbon Media Tanks

All shapes, all sizes. Dual up-flow/down-flow designs, quick fill port.
Perfect for pH neutralizing, alkaline media, iron removal, and de-ionization.