Out With The Old. In With The New.

Filters get gunky. They collect all the microscopic dirt, debris, chemicals and bacteria that reside in common water. After a while, you have to replace them. We provide a large assortment of filter solutions to keep our units running at top efficiency.

When to Replace your Filters.

Replace your filters regularly. Please view our videos to determine when it's time to replace them.

The Most Efficient Water Filters in The World

GXM Industrial Membranes

GrowoniX brought these to our industry first. A single High Flow Cold Water Membrane able to produce 200 GPD at a 2:1 ratio. Get that water flowing and the ppm down with the GrowoniX GXM line of High Flow Membranes!

These premium sheet, American made membranes are the industries most reliable and highest performing reverse osmosis elements in the world.

Advanced membrane technology and manufacturing processes ensure superior quality and unmatchable performance. Ultra low energy design delivers high flow and high rejection at only 80psi. A must for cold water sources.

Always at an industry–leading 1:1 ratio.

Sediment Filters

Pleated sediments are for high flow.
They have a low-pressure drop but let more dirt through.

Spun sediment are for high dirt blocking. They have more pressure drop than pleated, are less expensive, and catch dirt better than any other sediment filter.

Sediment Pleated:
High flow pleated Sediment filter: This is a washable, reusable, and durable sediment filter with a very low-pressure drop.  Bacteria and chemical resistant.  Great for high flow applications and extended time between filter changes.  Standard in most GrowoniX water filters.

Sediment Spun:
Spun polypropylene: A true multi-staged depth filter utilizing separate layers of micron filtration.  Constructed spun polypropylene, these filters offer superior dirt holding capacity at an extremely economical price.  Great filter for changing frequently, especially in well water applications, or with use in GrowoniX scrubbers.

Carbon Filters

GreenBlock and Coconut Carbon are virtually the same things.
GreenBlock is made with a process that’s more ecologically sensible.
Filtering power between the two is equal.

KDF85 Catalytic Carbon is the best.
The best water carbon on the planet with a bed of pure KDF85.
(Needs flushing upon initial startup and after filter changes to remove carbon dust)

Green Coco:
NFS61 Listed Greencarbon.  High flow with a low carbon footprint. Superior chlorine removal.

White Block
Economy:  High purity coconut shell activated carbon filter.  Excellent cost to performance value.

KDF85 Catalytic 
Bacteriostatic media controls the growth of microorganisms. Good for water-soluble metals removal, chlorine, chloramine, and scale. Highly reactive catalytic carbon, extremely porous and long-lasting.

Ultraviolet Filters

Stainless steel ultraviolet filtration designed to
remove 99.9% of micro-organisms in your water supply.
A must for well water treatment, whole house filter systems, or anytime water will be stored.

Alkaline Cartridge

Nine stage filter includes Calcor, negative ion emitting ceramics, and KDF85. Infuses filtered RO water with minerals and ions, raising the pH to approximately
9.5-10.5—creating mineralized alkaline drinking water.

Clear housings are for display purposes only.

DI Cartridge

Mixed bed deionization resin for polishing the final bits of TDS from RO water. For those who need absolutely pure water.  Great for aquarium systems, or those with certain
well water issues.

Remineralizing Cartridge

Calcor bed infuses filtered RO water with calcium and magnesium, slightly raising the pH and creating mineralized drinking water.

Clear housings are for display purposes only.

One of the largest factors of filtering water is the amount of waste that is produced in the process. Because Growonix uses the highest-quality components and filters, its units can deliver 2:1 or 1:1 water to filter water ratios. That means less wasted water and lower water bills. The flow rate is another important factor when selecting a unit and Growonix offers many unique models which provide a wide range of flow rates for any size of the garden. Additional booster pumps can be added on some units to increase the flow rate even further if needed.

Incredibly Low Waste Water Ratio
Growonix was the first to introduce 2:1 and 1:1 System ratio and provides optimum performance across its entire line of filters.

Wide Range of Flow Rate Options
Find the perfect unit for your needs or add a booster pump for even more performance!

GrowoniX RO Systems Offer These Benefits:

Near-Zero PPM
Most nutrient lines assume you are starting with 0 PPM water which Growonix RO Filters can provide.

Multi_Stage Filtration
Growonix units use and advanced multi-stage process allowing you to control filter level and easily replace individual as needed.

Easy To Read Gauges
The Flow Box by Growonix gives you peace of mind knowing you will see exactly when to change out filters.

Many Filter Options
Growonix offers various filters for each stage of filtration giving you the ability to configure the perfect combination for your unique needs.

Tune Your System
With These Awesome
Performance Accessories

RO Systems

Utilizing the finest components in the water treatment industry. GrowoniX Reverse Osmosis systems is a breakthrough in water treatment gear with its componential design, utility, and unmatchable efficiency.

GrowoniX RO systems are available in three different series—CX, GX, and EX.
All packages are built equally with the highest quality components and perform exactly the same.

RO Filters Clean Fresh Water

The Growonix Flow Box

Offered separately or included on the "Deluxe" models, makes monitoring filter status extremely easily through two liquid-filled gauges. When a 30% difference in pressure is seen between input and output, it is time to clean and change your filters!


Need a lot of water fast?  Just want to get out the sediment, chlorine, or chloramine out on the quick?  How about filtered water delivered at 3 GPM with no waste.  Different than a reverse osmosis system, this easy-to-use, fully assembled water filter hooks right to your garden hose and scrubs out the dirt and disinfectants.  Great for soil based gardens, protecting beneficiaries and micro-organisms from the harmful effects of chlorine and chloramine.

Booster Pumps

Low water pressure and cold water are just a few of the factors that can adversely affect your water production and gardening efficiency.  At GrowoniX, water delivery and pressure boosting are two of our favorite topics.

We carry a complete line of custom built pumps to meet every water demand.  Low water pressure is no longer an issue. Our commercial/industrial grade pumps are ready for continuous duty and years of trouble-free of duty. With a GrowoniX pump, your water demand is guaranteed to be met.


Antiscalant Injection

Chemical Injection Pump
Inject antiscalants into the membrane element(s) and allows system ratios as low as 1/4:1. Enables membrane elements to last for years before changing. Also used to inject various solutions into the feed water to help with boron, iron, bacteria, and other common feed water issues.

Food grade antiscalant, 100% rejected by RO membranes.  Used to reduce system ratios to as low as 1/4:1.  A must for hard water treatment, membrane longevity, and ultra-efficient water production.

Storage Tanks

Multi-purpose water storage tanks are great for storing safe drinking water, rainwater, emergency potable water, fire protection, and agriculture. All Water Tanks are made from FDA approved Polyethylene, safe for human consumption. Tanks do not hold pressure. Additional colors: blue, green, white, tan & black.

IAPMO Certified. Specified IW series water tanks are IAPMO certified to comply with the California Lead Plumbing Law
and NSF/ ANSI 61- ANEX