EX600 Tall High Flow Reverse Osmosis System

Flows 25 gallons per hour of pure RO water with an astounding 1:1 ratio

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This EX600-T comes with 'Tall' pre-filters housings which allow for twice the standard pre-filtration capacity-handling up to 34,000 total gallons of chlorine or chloramine removal, 17,000 gallons of RO water at a 1:1 ratio. Chloramine removal requires the KDF85 Catalytic Carbon upgrade.

The EX600 T RO Systems Feature:

  • High Flow Cold Water membrane
  • 1:1 system ratio-most efficient in the industry
  • Electrogalvanized powder coated steel brackets
  • High purity Coconut Carbon filter
  • High Flow sediment filter
  • Auto Shutoff Valve
  • Membrane Flush kit
  • No Assembly Required
  • No additional pre-filters needed (Chloramine removal requires optional KDF85/CAT carbon filter)
  • Same amazing flow rate as the GX series!

The Growonix EX600 is designed to flow 25 gallons per hour of pure RO water with an astounding 1:1 ratio - High flow rates and water savings never before seen in a package so affordable and durable. Utilizing the best DOW membrane technology in the world (98.5% rejection), wrapped in our EX Series patented bracketing system, our premier flagship is a mobile powerhouse. A pair of liquid-filled stainless steel pressure gauges informs when it's time to change the pre-filters. A manual flush valve allows you to clean the membrane, purging out pollutants that could otherwise add buildup to the system. Flushing adds considerable life to the membrane as well.

For those who demand even more performance, the EX600 can be used with a booster pump, raising the system pressure to 150psi, doubling the gallon per day output. The EX Series is efficiency at it«_s best. We went back to the drawing board and asked the question, ""How can we do the same thing we did with the GX Series, but do it at a special price point, one which opens the doors to everyone wishing to make purified water - without sacrificing the quality that is synonymous with the GrowoniX product line?" With the EX Series, we were able to strip out all the non-essential components, and leave in all the high quality parts found in the GX Series. We reduced the manufacturing cost and passed that savings along to our customers. Along the way, we discovered something special: On the EX600 and EX1000, the new bracket we developed allowed us to use tall 20" pre-filters - nobody has ever done this. The amount of sediment and carbon pre-treatment just doubled. The EX600 and EX1000 Series are offered at an unparalleled price point. Boasting the same processing power and upgrade-ability as the GX Series - and still at a 1:1 ratio. If your water demands grow in the near future, just add a BP Series booster pump and double your flow rate.

Optional KDF85 Carbon Filter Upgrade:

The KDF85/Catalytic Carbon Filter for chlorine and chloramine reduction.  A must for well water to reduce iron, hydrogen sulfide, and heavy metals and bacteria. The Bacteriostatic qualities do not allow microbes to breed in filter. This upgrade also prolongs the membrane elements from the harmful effects of feed water.

Accessories for all Deluxe Systems:

  • Flow Box for accurate system performance monitoring.
  • Antiscalant injection to for extreme membrane longevity.
More Information
Product Name EX600 Tall High Flow Reverse Osmosis System
Filter Size Tall
System Ratio 1:1
Nominal Salt Rejection % 97
Permeate Flow GPD 600
Permeate Flow GPH 25
Min Feed Flow GPM 0.83
Max Feed Water TDS <2000
Max Feed Temp °F (°C) 90 (32.2)
Min Feed Temp °F (°C) 40 (4.44)
Max Ambient Temp °F (°C) 115 (46.11)
Min Ambient Temp °F (°C) 40 (4.44)
Max Feed Pressure psi 80
Min Feed Pressure psi 45
Max SDI Rating SDI <3
Max TDS ppm 2000
Max Hardness gpg 0
Max pH (Continuous) 11
Min pH (Continuous) 5
Max Turbidity NTU 1
Feed inch 3/4 FGH (3/4 FNPT)
Permeate inch 3/8 Tube
Concentrate inch 3/8 Tube
Dimensions L x W x H inch 18 x 9 x 30
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