EX600 Deluxe High Flow Reverse Osmosis System

Flows 50 GPH with an astounding 1:1 ratio.

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This EX600 Deluxe comes with 'Standard' pre-filter housings which allow for pre-filtration capacity-handling up to 17,000 total gallons of chlorine or chloramine removal, 8,500 gallons of RO water at a 1:1 ratio. Chloramine removal requires the KDF85 Catalytic Carbon upgrade.

The EX600 Deluxe Includes:

  • High Flow Cold Water Membrane element
  • Adjustable high pressure booster pump
  • Eco Green Coconut Carbon filter (optional KDF85 Catalytic Carbon Filter)
  • Washable Sediment Filter
  • Input solenoid valve 
  • Tank float switch
  • Ultraviolet Sterilizer
  • No additional pre-filters needed!

Designed to flow 83 GPH (EX1000 Deluxe) or 50 GPH (EX600 Deluxe) with an astounding 1:1 ratio. The BP-6010 Booster Pump delivers the full flow rate with only 30 psi of feed water- No more low water pressure issues. The deluxe system includes our electric shutoff kit consisting of a float switch and feed water solenoid valve. The solenoid valve cuts feed water to the whole system when not in use.

The idea behind the Deluxe Series is simple- All the bells and whistles of a turnkey mini water treatment plant in a compact, affordable, and dependable package. Utilizing the finest components in the water treatment industry. GrowoniX Deluxe Series is a breakthrough in water treatment gear with its componential design, mobility, and unmatchable efficiency. GrowoniX Deluxe Series are available in two different packages- GX-Deluxe and EX-Deluxe. Both packages are built equally with the highest quality components and perform exactly the same. The GX Deluxe packages come with the full monty-a custom roller chassis and Splash Guard pump chassis. The EX Deluxe package leaves behind the fancy metal fabrication for a more economical price. Both EX and GX Deluxe Systems come with ultraviolet filters, tank float switches, input solenoid valves, and SCH80 input plumbing-everything you need start making tons of water. Never before has commercial grade water filtration been this affordable!

Optional KDF85 Carbon Filter Upgrades

The KDF85/Catalytic Carbon Filter for chlorine and chloramine reduction.  A must for well water to reduce iron, hydrogen sulfide, and heavy metals and bacteria. The Bacteriostatic qualities do not allow microbes to breed in filter. This upgrade also prolongs the membrane elements from the harmful effects of feed water.

Accessories for all Deluxe Systems:

  • Flow Box for accurate system performance monitoring.
  • Antiscalant injection to for extreme membrane longevity.
  • Tall pre-filters (EX series only) allowing for twice the pre-filtration, up to 34,000 gallons of chlorine or chloramine removal.
More Information
Product Name EX600 Deluxe High Flow Reverse Osmosis System
Filter Size Tall
System Ratio 1:1
Nominal Salt Rejection % 97
Permeate Flow GPD 600
Permeate Flow GPH 25
Min Feed Flow GPM 0.83
Max Feed Water TDS <2000
Max Feed Temp °F (°C) 90 (32.2)
Min Feed Temp °F (°C) 40 (4.44)
Max Ambient Temp °F (°C) 115 (46.11)
Min Ambient Temp °F (°C) 40 (4.44)
Max Feed Pressure psi 80
Min Feed Pressure psi 45
Max SDI Rating SDI <3
Max TDS ppm 2000
Max Hardness gpg 0
Max pH (Continuous) 11
Min pH (Continuous) 5
Max Turbidity NTU 1
Feed inch 3/4 FGH (3/4 FNPT)
Permeate inch 3/8 Tube
Concentrate inch 3/8 Tube
Dimensions L x W x H inch 18 x 9 x 18
Standard Voltage 110V 60Hz 1 PH
Voltage Amp Draw 5.5A
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