Permeate Flush

Unique GrowoniX-only RO water flush at the end of a run cycle that radically reduces fouling and increases membrane performance and longevity!

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Permeate flush is a unique GrowoniX optional feature for every CX Series model. The most difficult and dangerous time for an RO system is when the tank is full and the system shuts down for a rest period—this is when most membrane fouling occurs.  During rest periods, hard water conditions are no longer being flushed out as during normal use, and scale quickly forms around the membrane sheet surfaces.  This scale crystalizes and forms a non-permeable layer which quickly decreases membrane performance.

With GrowoniX permeate flush, the entire RO system fills with RO (permeate) water on shutdown.  Permeate water is pure water without any scale forming minerals or oxidizing metals.  Therefore, fouling is radically decreased, while membrane longevity and performance are drastically increased.

Pre Plumbed

All units are shipped pre-plumbed, pre-tested, and ready to rock.

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Every CX Series model is programmed, wet tested, and tuned at the factory before shipping.  This ensures that when you receive a CX Series, all you have to do is plumb one input (feed water) and two outputs (tank & drain)—and you're making water!

High-Pressure Flush

Standard on every CX model.

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Others charge for it, most don't even offer it.  At GrowoniX high pressure flush is a standard feature on every CX Series model.

High pressure flush is a programmed feature that, at certain intervals and at shutdown, allows the RO membrane stack to be completely flushed with high pressure feed water—blasting away scale formations and debris buildup along the membrane surfaces.

This is an essential feature for every commercial RO system—so we give to you on every model.

Expandable Capacity

Add membranes & increase flow rates as your demand grows.

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Need more flow—just add another membrane.  Every CX Series has pump output  headroom to allow for additional membranes if needed.  Plumbing for additional membranes is already installed on every system, therefore, adding a membrane couldn't be easier!

The New CX Series:
Commercial RO at its finest.

The CX Series Features:

• High Flow Cold Water Extra Low Energy RO Membranes
• 3,000-20,000 Gallons Per Day
• Programmable Digital RO Controller with Dual TDS and Temp Probes.
• 1:4 System Ratios (1 gal drain to 4 gals purified water)
• Recycle Circuit recycles drain water back through the system for a second pass.
• Quick Change Carbon Filters (CX3000 & CX4000 only)
• Carbon flush valve (CX3000 & CX4000 with Quick Change Carbon Filters only)
• Tank Float Switch


Most efficient RO on the planet—1 part drain to 4 parts purified water!

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GrowoniX brought 1:1 to the industry.  Now we give you 1:4—that's 1 part drain to 4 parts purified water.  This is as efficient as RO technology can get with the current tech available.


Running super low system ratios often requires antiscalant injection and careful system monitoring.  Be sure to consult with GrowoniX about your feed water chemistry and make sure you're setup correctly to run reverse ratios.

Programmable Intelligence

Programmable digital RO controls, allowing custom tuning just for you.

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Our new ROC controller allows for in depth programming of every feature.  Most features are available from the front panel—all the rest are reached from a usb interface.  Some features include:

  • · Booster Pump delay at startup
  • · System flush at startup
  • · Feed water  booster pump control
  • · Custom flush cycles
  • · Dual TDS meters
  • · Auto percent rejection calculation
  • · Custom delays between processes
  • · Custom alarm readouts
  • · Single/dual float level controls

Ultra High Flow Rates

Highest flow rates in the industry with the smallest footprint possible.

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CX Series models hands down offer the highest flow rates in the industry with the least amount of membrane elements.  That means when it's time to replace membranes, the cost is half.

The Most Efficient RO on The Planet!

The CX4000-QC loaded with all the bells and whistles: 
Permeate flush, high-pressure flush, and antiscalant injection...
—operating on a mere 110VAC, 9A of power.


Up to 20,000 GPD

CX Series systems are hydrants. Never run out of water again!

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A complete line of commercial water filtration ranging from 3,000 GPD all the way to 20,000 GPD.

Need more flow?  Buy two and have operational redundancy, safeguarding against maintenance downtime.


Recycling is a standard feature on every CX Series model.

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Recycling is a fluid circuit topology that routes the drain water from the membrane stack back through the membranes again for another pass—often called a "second pass" system.  Recycling allows for reverse system ratios such as 1 part drain to 4 parts purified water.  The circuit contains a stainless needle valve and precision flow meter to adjust the dynamics.

Made in the USA

Where else does something this cool come from!

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As always, all GrowoniX RO systems are hand built one at a time right here in southern California.

We take pride in our manufacturing and design, only utilizing the best components available for the job.  Life's too short for the headache of poorly designed systems and component failures.  Free up your time by getting it right the first time.

CX Series

Expandable to suit your growing demands with endless customizable options.

What else could you need in a water filter?

CX Series Optional Features

• Permeate Flush (flushes entire system with RO permeate water on shutdown for supreme membrane longevity

• 1Ph and 3Ph motor option.

• Antiscalant Injection

• Backwashing Catalytic Carbon Media Tanks with programmable head and RO lockout.

• Commercial sediment pre-filtration tanks.

• Iron and manganese removal media tanks.